About Us

Company background

Maritime Diesel Electric is an independent contractor that provides technical support to Ship Owners, Managers and OEMs.

Maritime Diesel Electric, Inc was founded in 1991 by our Managing Director, Mr. Themis Giachos and our current CEO Ms. Anamaria Giachos.

Over the years, MDE has been a service provider for the maritime industry; not only providing turnkey solutions, but securing exclusive OEM representations for European manufacturers in the North American market.

The driving force at our company has always been to:

  • Integrate our culture of high quality and craftsmanship towards the end project/product results;
  • Provide value and superior engineering solutions;
  • Seek innovative ways to execute turnkey projects;
  • Utilize state of the art tooling;
  • Identify ways to minimize costs to our clients that could be otherwise avoided;
  • Hands on management for all our projects from an experienced, onsite superintendent to assist the client’s Project Manager Lead resulting in a clean, efficient, and successful project.

About The Founders

Anamaria Giachos, President

Anamaria has been in the marine industry for over 40 years and is her rich experience has allowed us to adapt very efficiently throughout the years by introducing new technology, implementation processes and new business developments. She is the person that maintains our ship afloat since the company’s inception in 1991.

Themis Giachos, Managing Director

As a Marine Engineer, Themis, has served the Marine Industry since 1967, from Cargo Ships, Yachts to Cruise Ships, he has vast experience in everything from working directly in the field to new cruise ship design and build. 

With over 50 years’ experience in operations and engineering experience, Themis, has been a visionary and leader in the industry. He was one of the initial engineers for a major Cruise Line serving as the Technical Marine Operations Manager. He has successfully completed thousands of projects on work boats, cargo ships, ferries, cruise ships, and yachts, providing innovation and excellence.


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